DJ Stingray Records Mix for Latest BBC Radio 1 Essentials

DJ Stingray © Vincent Zeroual/Facebook

DJ Stingray is someone who hardly needs an introduction these days. From the times of the Urban Tribe collective, to touring as Drexciya's exclusive DJ, to becoming the frontman in many ways, of the resilient Electro sound that is finally getting the attention it has deserved for so long. After all, at the core, Electro is the continuation of the origins of authentic Electronic music, so how could we ever forget?

Having moved to Berlin a couple years ago, something that somehow seems to have become a catalyst for his own personal journey to evolve, it seems that it also eerily meant he'd be stepping into the shoes of being one of two figures, along with Helena Hauff, who would help bring worldwide attention, big and small, to a sound that suffered over a decade of namelessness and far longer being completely out of the spotlight of the general public.

Selling out shows across the globe with sets that feature a classy and well balanced mixture of Techno and Electro tunes, dropping classics and new hits alike, DJ Stingray has been taking the dancefloors and airwaves by storm with his fast-paced, menacing DJ sets; like his most recent appearance on the BBC's Radio 1 Essentials featuring tunes by Illektrolab, Plant43, Go Nuclear, Cosmic Force, and many more!

You can catch the full set right here. Not to be missed!