Some of the greatest things in life come from some very unexpected places, DJ XED's music is one of those! Having been exposed to the Electro Funk sound almost since its inception, the works of artists like Newcleus, World Class Wreckin' Cru, and Man Parrish had such an impact on him, hat he simply knew that this was the sound he was looking for.

In 1988 he began DJing at a club called KSET in Croatia, where this would become Croatia's first Hip Hop event, something that XED was proudly responsible for. In 1990, after drifting more towards the sounds of Miami Bass, he would soon begin to realize that this was all beginning to get too commercial for what he really wanted to hear...true classic underground Electro Bass! After having become a much more experienced and knowledgeable DJ in the late 90's, he would now be ready for the rebirth of Electro which was about to begin. He soon after started the radio show "Electrology", which was founded for the purpose of spreading old and new school Electro to the masses, in order to educate them about the sound that would soon invade their minds and ears.

In 2002, he promoted the first Electro party in Croatia with his loyal friend and partner N-ter; both founders of the Crobot Crew, and subsequent label Crobot Muzik. Over the years the two would bring many great acts, such as Anthony Rother, AUX 88, Bass Junkie, and many more to Croatia. Around this time, he also began to produce a mass amount of new tracks, having been influenced by the newer artists that had been cropping up over the last decade, like AUX 88 and those of the label Breakin' Records, where his style would begin to strongly reflect the sounds of Detroit Techno Bass.

DJ XED has released on many of the great labels like Puzzlebox Records, where he remixed AUX 88's hit "Rated A.U.X.". He has also appeared on Subsonic Device's "European Electro Bass Development", as well as releasing 3 EP's on Detroit's infamous Twilight 76.

Traveling Europe and the USA, DJ XED has been a dedicated force in this music, tirelessly helping to spread the sound to the people across the regions. In a part of the world that was long ago devastated by war and political turmoil, it is simply inspiring and reassuring to see a force like DJ XED and the Crobots rise up out of the ashes as they have.

If this is a sign of anything, it is that the human spirit is far more powerful than any ideologies that drive humankind to the horrors that we have unfortunately witnessed during our history on this planet. When you truly believe in something, and it drives your very soul, there isn't an army or a bomb on this planet that can ever stop it! Long live the Crobots.

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