As one of the true purveyors of the 90's revival of what is commonly referred to as Electro music, Dopplereffekt released a small, but highly influential catalog of Electro releases, which went on to be featured on countless compilations on many international labels like Studio iK7, Databass, and Electrofunk Records.

Mainly comprised over the years by members Gerald Donald (Arpanet, Japanese Telecom) and Kim Karli, Dopplereffekt have always been considered one of the most mysterious Detroit groups, performing their very few known live performances wearing masks, against the common backdrop of the Soviet logo which depicted the hammer and sickle.

Their first release was published in 1995, on their newly founded imprint Dataphysix Records, kicking things off with the album “Fascist State”. The album contained 7 songs, 2 of which were later released on the “Cellular Phone” single that featured the tracks “Cellular Phone”, and “Superior Race”.

In 1996, the group would release their second album “Infophysix”, a 7 song album that would include some of the most classic Dopplereffekt material to be released to date; with songs like “Voice Activated”, and “Speak + Spell” going on to be released on compilations like Dave Clarke’s “X-Mix – Electro Boogie”, and Claude Young’s “DJ-Kicks”, both released on Studio iK7 that year. The song “Superior Race”, off of the “Fascist State” album, was also released this year on DJ Assault’s “Straight Up Detroit Sh*t – Vol. 1” mixed compilation, which was published through one of Submerge’s sub-labels, “Electrofunk Records”.

In 1997, the last Dataphysix released would be published, returning with “Sterilization [Racial Hygiene and Selective Breeding]”, which included 2 different mixes of the song, and is perhaps the one production they are best known for, having it go on to be released on many compilations through labels like Studio iK7, Electrofunk Records, Resident Advisor, Groove, along many others.

During the group’s hiatus, already well established European label “International Deejay Gigolos” would license all of the tracks released on Dataphysix Records, publishing them on the 2x12” + 7” vinyl collection called, “Gesamtkunstwerk” in 1999, giving many who had missed out on the rare, but seminal releases that the group self-released during the greater part of the 90’s, the opportunity to own such an important piece of the history of our music.

Dopplereffekt returned in 2001, in some ways re-invented after Kim Karli, who had been such a critical part of the group, left for unknown reasons, leaving Gerald Donald to team up with new member Michaela Bertel, and publishing the single “Myon-Neutrino/Z-Boson”.

In 2003, the newly composed duo returned once again with another album called “Linear Accelerator”, later following up in 2007 with “Calabi Yau Space” on Rephlex Records; a mostly atmospheric album, featuring 8 songs full of mesmerizing pads, and alluring melodic compositions that took you away to a far away place.

After an unusually extensive 2012 US tour, which kicked things off in Dallas, two days before going on to play at the legendary Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and ending with a show in San Francisco on June 2nd, the duo would also play at the 2011 BLOC Festival, which had apparently been in the works for quite some time between Gerald Donald and BLOC representatives, and went down as one of BLOC weekend's most notable performances since its inception. You can catch the recording on the BLOC Mixcloud page.

Since then, Dopplereffekt has released a few split EP's alongside artists Visonia and Objekt on labels Last Known Trajectory and Leisure System, most recently publishing the album "Cellular Automata" on Leisure System Records. Hang tight folks, for a group with such a legacy behind them, it's safe to say there is much more to come in the future.


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