Drop Bass Network Presents: Even Furthur Festival 2018 | August 10-13th, Wisconsin (U.S.A.)

It's exciting to think that the great experience we had in the 90's with the underground Rave scene could in fact still be going strong...and underground! While the media would have us believe our beloved culture became nothing more than a drug infested, sex crazy and superficial mockery of itself, the truth is that behind the veil, and in different sects of our sub-culture, those of us old school groovers have been diligently working to fulfill our vision that we long ago saw as being possible, bringing together the people through music, in an effort to see above and beyond the current human condition.

Behind much of this effort, it is awesome to see that one of the most iconic US Rave era organizations, Drop Bass Network, is still at it, and this time presenting once again the Even Furthur festival...something that at some point, every old school party kid ought to pay homage to, and make it out to Wisconsin.

This time around, the festival features some well known Electro names thanks to a collaborative effort by Detroit giants Underground Resistance, as well as Freddy Fresh, Otto Von Shirach, along with appearances by many more! Truly a massive undertaking, yet a throwback to the type of great outdoors events that became perhaps the most famous of all Rave events.

Full Line-up.

When: August 10-13th, 2018 @ 12pm

Where: Mellen Mountain Meadows | 69131 County Hwy C Highbridge, WI

For more info, check out the Drop Bass Network website.

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