Long time Electro supporter and all around music lover "Johan Sebastian Bot", also known as DVS NME, is no new item on our menu. Hosting the popular Dark Science Electro radio show for many years now, not to mention a good number of releases on labels like Transient Force, Mars Frequency, Binalog Productions, and Crobot Muzik, to name a few; including a few self-released albums like "Magnetar", "Metastasis", and "From The Ashes", the artist delivers every time what can only be considered as carefully crafted, timeless music full of deep sentiment and vision.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems facing EDM music today, especially in this free-for-all era of digital freedom, is the lack of truly trained musicians who understand music composition on a deeper level. With so many confusing genres and sub-genres popping up by the minute, and demi-god DJs and live performers alike who seem at peace with conforming to mediocrity, its great to see an artist, like so many in our scene, who truly care about what is presented, and dig deep into the sonic underworld of electrons and mathematic equations unseen to the naked eye to move and inspire us.

Starting off as a kid learning to play the piano, young Johan Sebastian Bot would, by age 11, begin to experiment with Electronic Instruments, eventually leading to sequencing his first songs as DVS NME on Playstation's "Music Generator". Having moved to a new part of the country, Johan states that "rather than make trouble in a small town, I decided to direct my time and efforts to teaching myself how to write full tracks. Up until that point it was pretty much just me learning different parts to Depeche Mode songs and playing them to the best of my ability. I managed to get a decent handle on the process and built on my desire to produce by acquiring additional equipment to support my new hobby".

As the artist began to fully realize himself, he would begin to gravitate to the darker side of our music, which as he claims "doesn’t get the kind of attention it deserves. I truly think there is an untapped market out there that resides in the Industrial, Post Punk, Minimal Synth, EBM, Synthpop world of fans. Coming from that particular school of thought myself, I know how much in common these styles have. Fans of Front 242 would find value in artists like AS1. Fans of Skinny Puppy just might find out that they love The Exaltics. People who grew up loving Depeche Mode could shake their ass to Koova". In this, he has found for himself a mission to spread our music to the masses via his daily blogs on social media, as well as his weekly radio show on B.A.S.S. Radio, which focuses on guest mixes from artists around the world, not to mention his own personal selections of music. Clearly a devoted fan of our music, its not hard to see the selflessness that drives his passion, as he continues to reach a bigger and bigger audience every day who may otherwise not have heard the music he presents.

DVS NME's first unofficial release came in the form of a small run of CDs that would later become the digital version of "Dark Science E.P.". Only given to people close to him as a way to test for response, it would soon open doors for the artist as labels began to approach him about his material, bringing us the "Sentience E.P." on Binalog Productions in 2010, not to mention the release of "Chrononaut" on Crobot Muzik, and "General Properties" on Mars Frequency. All of this would soon lead to the release of his first official full length album "Begin Sequence", including 4 new songs, and published on the infamous Transient Force label in 2011.

Other releases in 2011 included "Xenology" on Mars Frequency, which included 2 original tracks, as well as remixes by Dr. Siak, Miami Bass Space Station, Robert Cosmic, Prototype, and The Hidden Persuader. DVS NME also participated in the unique collaborative effort "The Tournament - Live At The Future Funk Festival 2020" on Diamondback Recordings, as well as the song "Astrogate" on the "Manifestors Of Dreams" compilation on Transient Force.

Since then, DVS NME continues to push forward with his unique style of abstract, yet deeply profound music with releases like "Metastasis", and "From The Ashes", also appearing on the 'Electro Compendium" compilation, as well as "SOM Compilation Vol. 5", not to mention "Mars Defenders" on Mars Frequency, the iconic "The Fight Against The Mundane" Vol. 1 compilation on Bass Agenda Recordings with "The Bog", and his appearance on the illustrious "Time Capsule - 808 Box" 12" vinyl boxset on Fundamental Records.

For the future, things look quite bright as the artist is in many ways just getting started; even after a fairly lucrative discography. As he states "My plans are to continue doing what I am doing. Slowly (ever so slowly) building and generating more and more of a fan-base for this music (and of course my own music). Strangely, my own music falls a close second to the music genre as a whole. My end-game for all of this has always been to generate new fans for the genre first and for my productions second".

Also since 2015, DVS NME has switched formats with his radio show, opening up the floor to many more guest mixes, without much input from himself, allowing him to go back in the studio, as he continues to collaborate with other artists around the world. Stay tuned, as new material can be expected in the coming months, which will without question continue to build upon what is already a great deal of talent, with vision and careful consideration as to what the final product will be. For now, support the underground, and this incredible artist by purchasing some of his great music from his Bandcamp page, or wherever you buy music.


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