DVS NME - Neural Chain

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Awakening from a four year hibernation, Deemphasis’ label Ukonx Recordings returns to Electro with its ninth release to date since its inception back in 2011! Highly demanded DVS NME takes control of this four tracker digital release. Not a newcomer on the Electro scene, US DJ and producer Johan Sebastian Bot has made a name for himself with numerous EP's and contributions on imprints such as Transient Force, Mars Frequency, Fundamental Records or Blind Allies just to name but a few.

On the “Neural Chain” EP, the founder of essential Dark Science Electro; one of the most popular and underground Electro shows on the internet, teams up with French Deemphasis to deliver “The March”, a powerful synthwave tune characterized by Sci-Fi melodies a la Kraftwerk, urban yet retro atmospheres, and a solid vocoder. Top notch!

On “Univers Parallèle”, Johan associates with Ukonx regular signature and Bass Agenda wizard Franck Kartell. Inspired by Anthony Rother, the song introduces a solid Electro rhythm, while emotional layers progressively command your mind. Finally, a groovy bassline enhanced by bubbling sororities over intricate choir turn the track into a jewel.

On slow and beautiful “Replicant”, DVS NME signs with Metacomplex a tribute to Philipp K. Dicks’s vision of a dystopian future surrounded by menacing entities, whether they are human or inhuman.

Last but not the least, Johan concludes the EP solo with downtempo “Departure”; a milestone of a track full of darkness, tinted with melancholy and sadness. Ace!

With a release of such quality, Ukonx makes a great comeback unto the Electro scene leaving us with high expectations for the forthcoming outputs. Must have!

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