DVS NME On His Current Favorite Tunes Of 2018

Dark Science Electro mastermind DVS NME has recorded a mix of his favorite tunes so far of 2018, featuring Helena Hauff, DJ Overdose, Arpanet, Silicon Scally and many more, while celebrating what has indeed been: "A great year for Electro both with overall visibility for the public as well as with the sheer number of quality releases being put out thus far", as he states himself on the official DVS NME Soundcloud page.

2018 has been in fact perhaps the best year so far for our music in quite some time, with various publishings on high profile media outlets, as well as the maturing of the scene itself, more and more presenting the artists, labels, and each release with impeccable quality; both musically and artistic direction wise. Let's keep up the hard work guys and gals! :)

As they say, the cream always rises to the top, and having long been one of the hardest working musical communities out there, our time may indeed have come...finally!

Check out this incredible mix below:

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