DVS NME - The Electro Manifesto

DVS NME, the talented mind behind the long-running Dark Science Electro radio show, returns with a new album for 2021 titled "The Electro Manifesto".

Paying homage to the philosophies of controversial figure Karl Marx, DVS NME embarks on a journey that sees his sound continue to evolve from previous works, something that was first noticeable perhaps in his previous album "Dunklewissenschaft" from 2020, where we began to hear stronger influences of artists like UK legend Mandroid (Breakin' Records, Dominance Electricity), here with The Electro Manifesto refining that approach and fusing it so perfectly with the unique and beautiful melodic style this artist has always been known for.

Listening closely, we also begin to hear stronger and more crafty production techniques often associated with the more old school oriented Electro sound coming through on this album a bit, in the fashion perhaps of artists like Gods of Technology or Supreme.ja; driven, skillfully produced, and adding such a perfect punch to his tunes to bring everything into balance. The artist has mentioned on social media recently some of the really innovative pieces of hardware he has acquired for his studio, and that sound, and even how it is inspiring him to write, can really be felt and heard in these songs he has been making over the few years.

Some of the finest tunes on this particular album are hardly ones you even have to look for, as the first two alone hit you absolutely just right, and invite you into the experience with such a perplexing aura. More and more you can hear just how far this artist has progressed over time since his debut in 2008, and where it all may be going as he begins to borrow more elements of acid and old school Electro Funk, and fuses into his own compositions.

The 303 work on many of these tracks is really worth mentioning too, as it is way more in depth than you may be used to, diving a bit further into the more complex sequencing capabilities this machine has, breaking up the steps nicely and adding some well executed effects to bring out the shine. A really nice touch throughout that is not overdone....at least it never feels that way! But then again, who ever gets tired of the 303?

Overall this album features a total of 25 new tunes, each with such strong character and depth that you feel like it is a very interesting listening experience all the way through. "The Electro Manifesto" by DVS NME released May 14th, 2021, and can be found via the artist's Bandcamp page. If you want to know what some of the best of Electro sounds like in 2021, this gem will satisfy you from beginning to end. Don't sleep on this one!

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