DVS NME - Trans Asia Express

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Refined yet obscure Electro mastermind DVS NME is back after a 5 year hiatus from releasing records, this time with one of his most ingenious titles to date: Trans Asia Express.

15 new songs full of bewilderment, mystique, soulfulness, and a slight sinister touch that give a dark edge to the masterful compositions, programming, and overall studio techniques you will find throughout this new fantastic release by DVS NME.

Paying homage to early Electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, the album also tips its hat to the Japanese tradition and artform of "Nyotaimori", where Sushi, or "Sashimi", is served on the naked body of a beautiful woman. It also embraces most importantly of all, the beautiful traditional music scales found throughout Asian countries such as China or Japan.

Starting off with "Cloud Orbit", DVS NME hits the ground running with a tune oozing with melancholy and a bit of shyness, reintroducing us once again to his beloved signature sound. Personally, as a big fan of his music, I am seeing an evolution to his style already in some ways, a bit subtle but nonetheless apparent. Stronger hints of Detroit Electro, tinged with more obvious influences of artists like Dopplereffekt and Drexciya that are beginning to come through. But perhaps what I am hearing is also a bit more theme-centric related to this particular album and the scales utilized here. Let's move along!

Coming next, "Nyotaimori" slows things down and dives deep into the concept behind this ancient Japanese custom. Sharp decadent sequences meet gleaming, thoughtful melodic stabs that allure you as you walk into the Geisha house, welcomed by the reflective mood of this fantastic production. The other two slow songs on the album, "Kikumoto" and "Precog" are pretty outstanding as well, following that similar vibe of bubbly, underwater mystique that will flow right through you.

Other really stand out tunes for me on this album are "Hydroelectric Tsunami", "Mono No Aware", and "Within The Machine". Soulful tunes rich with strong melodic compositions that are classic in nature in some ways, but are also achieved via strange tones that morph about with such ingenuity. Probably my favorite aspect of this artist, that simple way of retaining such balance between conventional textures, and the more daring, always focused in the end, on delivering strong musical arrangements that are 100% on point every time!

In total there are 15 songs on this album, all great tunes for the dancefloor, or for simply jamming to while driving or doing your daily routines. Each song has its own unique character, taking you on a journey via the Trans Asia Express as you are bathed in a delightful and thought provoking experience. You won't regret hopping on, trust us!

DVS NME's "Trans Asia Express" is available now via digital and streaming services. This one will definitely go down as one of the true gems of 2019 without a doubt! You can purchase directly below.


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