Dwellz Returns From Hiatus, Set to Release "Subhuman Resources E.P."

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

The man behind Devine Disorder Records...Dwellz! © A. Landrian

If you were around in the Electro scene at the end of the 2000's, then surely you heard at least one release from what became one of the true powerhouses in the music as the advent of the digital download market took hold: Devine Disorder Records. As the brainchild of one of the most tenacious and unique artists in the Florida scene, Dwellz (formerly known as Dwellz Rawkz); who has seen his songs appear on international labels such as Bass Agenda, Diamondback Recordings, and Battery Park Studio, not to mention hosting a plethora of seriously talented producers who in many cases built their career via Devine Disorder, like Zerodouble, Dexterous Numerics, or the late Danny Electro, the label created an enormous amount of enthusiasm for the music in a time when many felt let down by the decline of the vinyl market and general unpopularity of Electro, eventually for some years leaving behind a powerful legacy of truly original music after the label seemingly disbanded for reasons unknown.

Back after many years in hiatus, not only do we see the return of the mighty Devine Disorder label, but also this incredibly talented artist, who at least personally, I have dearly missed seeing around. Set to drop the "Subhuman Resources E.P." on the 29th of this month, Dwellz hits the ground running with laser guided beats, mystifying programming, and a subtle hint of that South Florida flavor that never gets old. Perhaps his most solid release to date!

Make sure to grab a copy of the new EP via all digital platforms like Juno, Beatport, etc. on February 29th!

You can listen to previews of the upcoming EP below: