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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

It is no mystery that Dynamix II as a musical group itself has been very influential to Electro music as a whole, but one of the key components in the success of the group was the founding of Dave Noller’s “Dynamix II Records”; releasing a wide array of Miami Techno Bass, Hip Hop, and straight up Miami Bass music during the first half of the 90's by artists like Jealous J, MC ADE, Debonaire as his "Quad Queen" pseudonym, and Scott Weiser and Todd Walker's earlier works which eventually brought us the infamous duo "Jackal N Hyde".

1990 kicked it off with one of the label's most lucrative years, releasing the self-entitled Dynamix II album, as well as a flurry of EP's and singles; even reworking, and in many ways reclaiming, their most successful release to date, "Just Give The DJ A Break". Releases from this year also included "Arrival Of Bass/Purple Beats", which featured the infamous Bass Junkie as a remixer, also "Don't Touch That Dial", new act "2 Intense" with "I've Fallen And I Can't Git Up", as well as David Noller under the alias, "New Energy", with the release of "Move Your Feet"; which featured K Suave on vocals.

The following year, Dynamix II would return once again, releasing only two E.P.s, one of them being the definitive version of their late 80's classic “Just Give The DJ A Break”. The record also featured 4 different mixes of yet another one of their classics, the genre re-defining “Techno Bass”; making this 12” a must have for any DII fan, and a collector’s item of Electro music history.

1992 would see two of Dynamix II’s most sought after old school albums “You Hear it/You Fear It”, and “Machine Language” released, and to great effect. Mesmerizing melodic sequences, hypnotic bass drops, and a wide variety of styles and tempos, made this record quite fitting at the time, reflecting in many ways the different genres of Electronic Music that were now becoming so popular, also helping to lay forth a foundation for the direction that the music would now begin to take across the globe.

In 1993, the album “Bass Planet” came to fruition, and is still to this day regarded as one of their most acclaimed releases. Tracks like "1,000,000 MHZ", and the reworking of their hit “Ignition” as V2.0, represented a cutting edge style of production for the time, with carefully crafted edits, melodic sub-bass drops, and complex compositions with rich synthetic tones and textures, that in many ways still challenge the current standards with their timeless sound, and incredible skill. The release of this album was also a change in the direction that the group and label would go in for some time, as they began to set their sights on the emerging Car Audio market and what eventually became known in the region as Miami Techno Bass.

The release of the album “Color Beats” in 1994 was warmly welcomed by their die-hard Electro fanbase, but was also considered an iconic release for the Car Audio market itself, with tracks like “Purple Beats” devastating sound systems across Florida and the rest of the country. 1994 would also see the signing of Miami Bass’ pioneer “Jealous J” to Dynamix II Records, releasing the albums “Back On Earth”, and “Taste The Funk”.

In 1994, Dynamix II Records also released the double vinyl release “Feel The Groove”; which featured 9 different edits; including a remix by longtime label friend and producer Omar Santana. This year, the label also released “The Dynamix II Electro Bass Compilation Vol. 1”, which also featured MC ADE, and “Activate”; which was actually an earlier project between Jackal N Hyde members Scott Weiser and Todd Walker. The compilation “Ultimate Bass-N-Boom Volume 1” also was released this year, closing things out with the novelty Christmas compilation “A Merry Bass Christmas”, featuring a collection of Holiday inspired Bass tracks by most of the label's members.

1995 would see the end of Dynamix II Records for quite some time, but not without first releasing a wide array of wax, some of the most notable titles being perhaps Jealous J’s “Dawgzillas”, Debonaire’s "Quad Queen" alias with “Queen of Quad Vol. 1”, and “System Terminator”; which Dave Noller left Scott Weiser and Todd Walker to finish on their own, making it theoretically speaking, the first album by Jackal N Hyde. This rare album also included a collaboration with Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie of Battle Trax Records, who assisted with the production of “Program The 808”.

Dynamix II remained dormant throughout the rest of the late 90's, as well as the early 00's, with Dynamix II as a group going on to record for Joey Boy Records, as well as Exzakt's Monotone, and Scott Weiser going on to primarily focus on his new side project “Industrial Bass Machine” with Phil Klein, as well as the official founding of Jackal N Hyde, who released their debut on Hallucination Records in 1998.

The label was finally revived in the late 2000's as the digital age began to truly take hold, releasing material by artists like Will To Power, John Robie, DJ Storm, and David Noller going solo as his old school alias Scratch D; mainly as a remixer for the label.

As one of the main pillars of influence for modern Electro Bass Music, Dynamix II and their label have been innovating the sound by helping to create an approach to making Electro music that have made the iconic duo as relevant today, as it was in the 90's.


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