Earthlings: Andy Jaggers and Veronica Green on the Compilation Series and Why Its Mission Matters

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Andy Jaggers is no newcomer to the Electro scene. With a discography for both his own music and Pyramid Transmissions label extending back as far as the late 90's, he is one of the true originators and innovators of the 3rd wave of Electro to begin the sound's resurgence back at the turn of the century. The thing that sets him apart from the rest however, is his unique drive to look behind the veil and into the deeper layers of reality. To find the hidden meaning behind life and its mysteries, and convey those ideas and philosophies through his highly emotive and sophisticated music.

Some years back, the UK artist decided to take things even further, and partnered up with Swedish Electronic artist and close friend Veronica Green; a name that has been making rounds in the scene over the past few years on label's like Crobot Muzik, Section 27, and Touched, to bring you the Earthlings compilation series and label. An organization with an aim to raise awareness and money for the protection of wildlife around the world via the World Animal Protection fund, and featuring just about every name you have come to love in the Electro genre over the last 20 years.

Here in this short feature, Andy Jaggers and Veronica Green take some time to talk about the project, what it stands for, and why raising awareness about protecting animals and the environment is so important right now...perhaps even more than it's ever been!

Santino Fernandez: Can you talk about the original concept for the compilation? What’s the inspiration behind the Earthlings series, and what goals did you set out for it from the get go?

Andy Jaggers and Veronica Green: The concept behind the compilation is to combine our passion for electronic music and animal welfare, and to raise awareness of the suffering of animals worldwide. The inspiration is to gather original and new thinking cutting edge Electro, Techno, Electronica and IDM producers together and strengthen the unity and support of the underground artists in this genre. The deeper inspiration is that together we can create a change and make a difference to the unnecessary suffering of animals.

Our goal is to raise as much funds as possible which we will donate to World Animal Protection who do a great job for many animals on this planet.

Mastering 70 some tracks alone is quite an endeavor. Talk a little about the process behind obtaining all of the tracks and curating the compilation. Was there an announcement for submission, or is it all via personal contact between you and the artists?

The process behind our compilations is to choose artists whose music inspired us as much as the cause, and to make a coherent theme through diversity of sound and styles.

There was not an official announcement about the release, but we invited the artists personally. We asked the artists to send mastered tracks, and the final mastering was done by our friend and Earthlings artist Andrew Course.

Perhaps the answer to this may seem rather obvious, but with quite a few compilations of this magnitude out there focusing primarily on Electro, what made you decide on opening the door to the different styles of Electronic music out there instead? Is there a certain spectrum you guys wanted to stay within perhaps? What styles can a listener expect to find?

The red thread on the compilations is Electro and we believe all the musical styles represented by Earthlings are born from this sound, and we want to showcase the many varied directions this music has travelled and intertwined with itself. There wasn't necessarily a certain spectrum, just a certain feeling that would create a diversity with a uniqueness and quality of sound and production. We wanted to showcase new unreleased artists from around the world as much as our more established artists.

On the Earthlings compilations you will find a myriad of electronic styles ranging from Electro, Acid, Techno, IDM, Electronica, Glitch Hop and Ambient. The listener is taken on a constantly changing journey though these sounds without overly noticing the diversity.

What’s the response been like, primarily in regards to the philosophy behind it? Was there a great deal of enthusiasm from both the artists and listeners?

The response from the artists has been so positive towards the cause from the outset. Many artists wrote tracks specifically for this cause which we were very humbled by. From a listeners point of view, we have received many messages in support of the cause and the music which has been very inspiring.

What are your personal feelings on the current situation regarding the environment and the endangerment of so many species of animals?

Due to human selfishness, man sees nature as separate from himself. Humans use and abuse animals and exploit nature for their own greed. By harming nature, humans are paving the way for their own destruction. We are facing the biggest threat to the survival of numerous animal species due to ignorance, lack of responsibility, and compassion.

Animals are treated like products rather than sentient beings. The mistreatment is conveniently ignored and even celebrated in some cases. We need to respect and be compassionate towards all living beings. Animals want to be free from pain in the same way as we do, and have the same right to live a full and peaceful life as we do.

What can people do in their daily lives to help raise awareness and create change do you think?

By being conscious of our choices of what we consume; everything from what we eat, to the products we buy and what sports we support, as some support cruelty to animals. There are many alternatives to meat that can be grown all over the world, while having a far more beneficial effect on our health, the lives of animals and ultimately the environment.

We have to protect animals and nature instead of exploiting them. We cannot say we love one species of animal and then allow the cruelty and suffering of another species. We can live by example and inspire others in order to create change!

Can we expect a 3rd Earthlings?

Yes, Earthlings is an ongoing project. We hope to make it an annual compilation, and there maybe some solo projects in the future.

For more information about Earthlings, the label and the compilations, please visit their Facebook page, or Bandcamp.

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