Encrypted Records Announces New Collaboration Between Dark Vektor and Pablo León

Encrypted Records; home to the fascinating Kretz, as well as Plonk artists like Maschine Brennt and Monel, has announced their next outing coming soon called "Suciedad Electricficada". A new collaboration between legendary Catalonian artist Dark Vektor, as well as Pablo Leon of Hardfandango Records, and a name you may remember from the recent Crobot Muzik compilation "Crobots vs. Cancer".

Expect dark Electro vibes, with hints of Miami Bass and old school Electro Funk flavors, mixed with a wicked Detroit feel. Dark Vektor's signature sounds creeps in a very subtle way, but this is not what you are used to folks! This team up is quite unique, and you will find a serious dose of innovative, heart-pounding Electro beats on this one that will get you grooving from start to stop.

This release will also feature a remix by label founder Kretz, as well as the Chillbotz; a collaboration between long-time friends Sean Higgins (Cybereign), and Darren Holmes (TECHControl).

Out on October 1st, so stay tuned through the label's newly updated Bandcamp page!

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