Energy No. 13 - Vertigo

Energy No. 13 is the work of Mike Griffin; one of the founders over at East Coast Underground, who along with his partner in crime Florence Meuleman, have built up in a short time, a very thriving and versatile multimedia business that encompasses a record label, distribution hub for many European labels, and even retail.

Presenting "Vertigo", the artist dives deep into the mystical realm of South Florida's electronic underground, where for decades, the region has brought fourth a plethora of artists who each in their own right, have pushed the boundaries of innovation beyond the limits with great results.

Listeners at the first hint of the title track might be reminded of legendary artists from the old school rave scene in Florida such as The Funklab, but soon find this goes even deeper still as you dive into a lush pool of transcendental pads adorned by the cyclical and completely hypnotic tribal rhythms that push everything forward with the suspenseful aura of rolling thunder.

"Fun Da Mental" coming next opens up with a fierce old school Electro beat; a bit like Al-Naafiysh's "The Soul", soon met by a barrage of sonic effects that sound like a shootout between imperial troopers and the Jedi Knights in a Star Wars movie. A song to breakdance to at the height of the party!

"Happy Feat.", the next song you will find on this EP, goes in a completely different direction, bringing in heavy influences from Carl Finlow's "Silicon Scally" project, and dropping a sharp broken beat that delivers you straight into an intriguing world of bewildering noises that are eerie enough to give you chills down your spine. The whole feel of this song is cold and desolate, but absolutely mystifying if not a little sinister at the same time.

Vertigo square digital poster included with digital release © Fractaliendesign

If you had hoped that this particular listening experience would end with an unexpected drop of some of the most authentic, alluring, and forward-thinking Drum and Bass you have heard in quite some time, then you'll be glad to know that is exactly how things conclude here with "Zeebra". The atmospheres here envelope around like a dense fog, lifting your consciousness to a higher level, as the consistent gallop of those stomping beats get you moving like its 1997 all over again. Great to hear such originality in a DnB tune, nicely balanced with genuine retro vibes from the rave era.

"Vertigo" by Energy No. 13 released September 18th, 2021 in digital formats only, but it does include a very interesting piece of digital art created by Julien Allegret from Fractaliendesign. Grab it, you won't be disappointed! This is a very versatile and unique release that should be on your list as one of the best so far in 2021.