Enkryptica - Primero

German Electro powerhouse Subsonic Device returns once again, this time with a masterpiece called "Primero". A 4-track digital Electro Bass EP that makes for a very special installment, as this time we see label mastermind Mario "Darxid" Zinslinger collaborate with Spanish rising artist Vema-Diodes, creating a unique blend between both their styles that pushes both artists into unleashing their full potential.

Starting off, "Times Of Noise" is a classic Electro Funk jam, driven by punishing 808's and relentless abstract sequences that appear almost as inner gears to a powerful engine, while gleaming melodies bathe the listener in a beautiful atmosphere that sounds almost like a children's lullaby, but with a spacey melancholic texture that adds a lot of class to this finely tuned production. The bassline alone here is fierce and full of attitude, and styled in a Hashim-influenced fashion, giving the tune a bit of a retro feel, with a bit of aggression.

Next up, "Dark Clouds" is an energetic powerhouse of emotive stabs, as frantic sequences ping back and forth like runaway binary operations driving the rhythm. Darxid on vocals adds a bit of a sinister vibe, gritty and distorted and working in tandem with classic vocoders that sneak in every so often to reinforce the theme of the song.

Moving on, "Nuestra Manera"; which stands for "our way", gets down and funky fresh with classic 808 beats and audacious synths and vocoders, while devious programming promotes a healthy dose of B-Boy grooves to get you breakin'...love the modulating sweeps that introduce the drop of the chorus! Top tune.

Last we find "Cada Dia", and gets going with odd step sequences that bounce around like out of control springs, as menacing bass synths meet sinister spanish vocal samples that get chopped up into oblivion as the ferocious beats stomp around like headless horses. Beware of this one!

Incredible collaboration by two artists in the scene who offer a unique approach to Electro music, classic in many ways, but innovative and pushing the envelope with vision and a slightly experimental attitude that bears great results. Highly recommended release from Subsonic Device and this wonderful new collaboration between Darxid and Vema-Diodes. Get it now through the label's Bandcamp.


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