Erica Synths Announces Pico System III Modular Synthesizer

Pico System III © Erica Synths

Erica Synths has announced a new version to its popular Pico Systems, this one featuring a pretty innovative design that allows you to configure your modular via "voice cards", that internally set up your synth for different tasks. A great tool especially for live performances where time is essential, and calling up certain configurations on the fly is important. 5 pre-configured cards are included with the system, as well as 5 DIY cards that users can configure on their own.

The Pico System III is a little different this time around, in that it has all the analog modules on a single PCB within a hard case, which is unlike its predecessors the Pico System I and II, where chosen modules that could actually be bought individually where merely put together in a Eurorack case, and sold as a single concise package that was ready to play.

The Pico System III has some really nice features aside from the cool voice cards and its total of 31 inputs and 20 outputs (+7 switches). It also boasts a Bucket Brigade Delay, a 2-3-4 Step Sequencer, 2 VCO's, VCO controller/VCA module, several mixers that work both with CV and audio signals, a modulator w/ syncable LFO and random CV and noise source, not to mention 2 voltage controlled ASR envelope generators, and 2 resonant lowpass gates.

Pico System III begins shipping October 1st, 2019, so get your orders in! Price is around $450 (€400) for the Eurorack version, and about $500 (€450) for the desktop.

Check out the Pico System III in action below: