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FBI Recordings Announces New Vinyl Compilation, Share Song "Slaves of Sion" by Mauro Nakimi

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Electro/Techno mastermind Mauro Nakimi © Mauro Nakimi official

Seminal label Fundamental Bass Intelligence (FBI) is set to take the on-demand record trend to the next level, by laying it all on the line with their upcoming "11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation" release. Using the record service Qrates, FBI plans on releasing this extraordinary compilation on a 2 colored vinyl LP, if, and only if, the funding goal for 100 copies is met! In the unlikely event the funding goal is not met, the entire compilation will be immediately available for free download, no questions asked.

Set to go live sometime in mid-2019, "11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation" features some of the biggest names in Electro today: Dark Vektor, Exzakt, James Wolfe and Bixler, Errorbeauty and Serge Geyzel, Sbassship, Nexus 23, Deemphasis, Cybereign, Mauro Nakimi, Nuklear Prophet, and Ascension Électronique, all fundamentally essential Electro artists who will imprint the grooves of this 2x12" compilation.

Proposed vinyl version of 11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation © Fundamental Bass Intelligence/Qrates

The first track to preview by Mauro Nakimi is a dark, brooding, bassy plunge into the Fundamental Electro sound that foreshadows a release that is not to be missed. More details coming soon on Electric Kingdom and the upcoming new FBI website!

In the meantime, listen to "Slaves of Sion" by Mauro Nakimi: