Finally, the exposure our music deserves...

To the surprise and joy of many in the Electro scene, Mixmag published a very heartwarming article for those of us that for years upon years, have wondered why our music did not get the attention it deserved. Below you can read more about it, and link to the whole article on their website.

Rapid bass movements ripple across the floor, bouncing beneath frantic melodies that sound like gurgles from outer space. In the booth, two of the year’s most championed DJs, Helena Hauff and DJ Stingray, exchange a menacing collection of tracks at an after-hours hotspot during Los Angeles’ FYF festival earlier this year. Their sound has a potent metallic taste that leaves the room both kinetic and dehydrated, the crowd using every ounce of energy as the space swells to capacity. Akin to a cosmic abduction, this set was something you needed to experience in order to believe.

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