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Flash Force Crew - The EP

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

E-Rocker and fellow comrades from Flash Force Crew (Das H, Eiswerk) break unto the digital charts with this speaker pounding debut EP on Flash Force Records that is nothing but 100% Electro Funk 808 goodness! The fresh rhyme filled bars of vocoders, accompanied with analog synths and pads, blast every song into a future of robotic dance floors where the B-boys and B-girls still spin on their back to the sounds of the old school. The 4 track EP holds true to the Electro Funk sound every second, and is masterfully mixed by Christian Wunderle.

“Flash Force Crew (We Rock For You)” is the first track. You get the hint something is about to drop when sirens and a “Def Con” sample kick in. Leading up to an E-Rocker signature robotic freestyle, deep synth notes fill in over the heavy 808 bass accentuated with cowbell dings that every Electro Freak loves. After another E-Rocker electric flow, the track finishes just as strong as it started with the Robot-In-Chief reminding the crowd the Flash Force Crew is here to rock for you. By this time, the dance floor will be jumping with this crew in charge!

Starting with a driving melody over a signature E-Rocker vocoder sound, the next track, “Egyptian Freaks”, pays homage to the Electro Funk pharaoh. A thin wall of oscillating high synth notes, scattered with melodic Arps guide the captivated crowd into an Egyptian melody that lets them know they just landed on the shores of the Nile. Before the next robotic freestyle, edits and scratches move the listener further into the Egyptian oasis where the metallic freaks and exotic pharaohs live. The tribute finishes up with E-Rocker showing his scratching skills with a well placed multifarious scratch attack.

On the third track, dancers will quickly find out E-Rocker and the Flash Force Crew only have one purpose with this next offering: to get the people on the floor doing the Body Rock! ”Body Rock” drives this dance floor theme ahead with its dissolving intro and crowd sample demanding “Are You Ready?” A minor high pitched alternating bell effect grabs your attention just before E-Rocker is back on the mic urging us back into the dance circle. A long solo of edits and scratches gives dancers plenty of time to serve up their best moves to the driving bass drum. The track finishes strong with some fresh samples and beat boxing to give the floor one more chance to do the “Body Rock”.

Not wasting any time on the final track, “Rock, Shock and Break”, E-Rocker is up on the mic once again telling the crowd exactly what they are about to do like an insistent puppet master. Pointed tics jam with laser blasts right up to another captivating verse, making E-Rocker a master freestyle artist on this EP. The flow on the vocoder gives way to scratches that pulls that old school thread one more time, but it’s not done. Another verse on the mic and a volley of laser stabs mixed in with the unique tic arrangement on this final Flash Force Crew manifesto commands the crowd to absorb every measure, every 808 boom, and every tic right up to the final beat.

Incredible debut for Flash Force Crew, and a highly recommended EP you won't wanna miss! Lovers of the old school sound will be all over this one. Support!


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