Foreign Sequence - Are Faces Really Necessary?

Are Faces Really Necessary? If we consider ears to be part of faces, let’s answer faces are essential to give Foreign Sequence’s second album a serious listen!

Following his almighty “Thousand Frustrations” opus on Concrete label in 2018, the French producer with an already solid discography since 2017, invests this month in Parisian label D.KO Records to deliver a very emotional long player!

Evolving for 7 years within the french electronic music’s scene, Eliott Forin, also known as Tonotopy, can argue of a strong musical personality thanks to influences ranging from Warp, Rephlex, but also Analogical Force and probably D.C. Recordings. In less than two years, he has spread his intricate yet complex Electro acid sound on imprints such as Florklang, Post Human Records, Acid Avengers, Gestalt Records or Fundamental Records just to name but a few!

To the confines of Ambient and Electro universes, fresh “Are Faces Really Necessary?” features eight superb electric laments gathered in a 2x12” that will sometimes bring you smiles or tears to your face! The album introduces the intimate quest of its creator about life and human relationships.

From the lazy atmosphere of “I've Been Searching You”, to the emotive melodies of “Where Has Gone That Feeling?”, passing through the funky groove of “I Found Your [Love] On The Floor (-4 Electro Cut)” and the warm synth pads of “Personnal Communication (Mix 2)”, Elliott signs an introspective Odyssey that will speak directly to your heart.

Grade A to audacious “Lost In My Sentences Again” and spontaneous “Lonesome Walk”, two among many other brilliant Electro cuts based upon mind blowing analogue and modular synth flights.

Packed in a beautiful artwork by Maxime Cresseaux and distributed by Chat Noir Distribution, Foreign Sequence’s new opus sounds like a real tour de force and a must have for anyone looking forward to quality Electro with a dose of soul! A deep and visionary sound a la Microlith that will bring you goosebumps.

Expected soon along with Jauzas The Shining for the striking “Talkin’ Machines EP” on Umwelt’s New Flesh Records, Foreign Sequence is definitely an artist to follow this year!

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