Fundamental Records Announces Monolithic Electric Eclectics Box Set

Fundamental Records, the iconic Spanish label responsible for unique outputs like the 808 Box series, and DMX Krew's monumental "20 Years" box set release, returns once again with "Electric Eclectics", yet another monolithic project featuring 20 vinyl records in a silkscreened luminescent box, also including a glow in the dark T-shirt and some hidden surprise extras. A much more limited version of the records available only through the pre-order period, will be pressed using a special glow in the dark compound.

18 of the vinyl discs feature Full EPs by artists like Carl Finlow, Luxus Varta, Scape One, Metacomplex, Cygnus, Franck Kartell, and Das Muster, while the 2 other vinyls are compilations including tracks by Hieroglyphica, Mauro Nakimi, Jensen Interceptor, Luke Eargoggle, Noamm, and many more.

Pre-orders will be taken until May 10th, and while these sets are a bit pricey, one has to take into account not just how unique these box sets are, but also how much work and money it takes to manufacture projects of this magnitude which quite frankly are simply unheard of in the music industry period...ever! It's safe to say that undertakings such as this have simply never happened before, and the overall quality and hours of listening and spinning fun are worth every penny spent in supporting this magnificent and highly dedicated Spanish imprint.

This is a very limited release, so rush for yours now! They won't last. They never do.

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