Galaxy Music Gathering VI

Time flies. Feels like just yesterday I helped feature a nice little write up by Shady Teez founder Alejandro Baez himself on, and here I am today on Electric Kingdom letting you know that it is about to go down for real at the Miami Bass Week for the 2018 Winter Music Conference.

This time Shady teams up with old school promotion company Culture, and they go big, and I mean real big! Juan Atkins, Uberzone, Splack Pack, Simply Jeff, Scratch-D, Spacemen and so many more! Not an event you wanna miss.

Date: Thursday March 22, 2018

Location: Studio 23, 247 23rd St. Miami, FL 33139

21+ | No Dress Code | No Back Packs! To Reserve a Table please email:

For more info, check out the Shady website: