Giuseppe Mereu

Italian composer and producer Giuseppe Mereu, an iconic figure with a unique story to tell about our music, rose to notoriety quickly after his debut release on Greek imprint Binalog Productions with "Human Robot", and followed by his first album "Elektrowelt"; a marvel of a record, showing exactly the kind of depth and vision that Giuseppe Mereu had for Electro Bass music. On one hand, rich, gleaming melodies drew you in with such mystique, showing his more emotional side. But there was also his darker, more aggressive side. Both spectrums which somehow spoke right into your soul with wisdom and an awareness of a future perhaps yet unknown.

Mereu's music is easy to say, made a big impact quite quickly with many around the world in 2012; the year most of his releases were published, gathering a strong following, and not long after leading to more releases as his music began to get signed to UK imprints Borg Recordings, Shameless Toady (Pip Williams), and Diamondback, as well as Lasergum Records in Russia, who delivered 3 EP's in total: "Conform", "Energy Combfusion" and "Interferenza". Kirill Junolainen, founder of Lasergum Records, talks a bit about his own personal feelings on Mereu and his music, saying that: "I can say about him only good. He was a very talented artist! He made very nice music, from Electro to Techno. Classic sounding, but with his own specific [style]".

Unfortunately, in 2013, Giuseppe Mereu passed away during the early part of May, leaving the world of Electro music in absolute shock. For an artist that was only around publicly for less than 2 years, the devotion to keeping his memory alive by fans around the world truly showed the kind of impression he had made with his music.

The story left untold however, was that of Mereu's own personal life struggles which may have contributed to his death. Paolo Paolacci, very close friend of Mereu in his hometown, explains that: "He was a very introvert, lonely, sensitive and very polite boy. Electronic music was his great passion and he wanted to search for new sounds that he could use in his Electro songs. I remember he contacted me often to explain his experiments with sounds and plug-ins to create special effects". He continues, adding that: "Giuseppe was important to my return to Electronics after years of Opera. I was experiencing a crisis moment with lyrical songs, and Giuseppe, seeing my electronic past, advised me to try Reason and reincarnate. We mostly tied the love for Kraftwerk, his music was influenced very much [by them], but at the same time he could express a particular delicacy in the construction of the sounds that mirrored his character and that is what I was more concerned with his music".

Throughout our modern history, we have lost many great artists. Just in the last few years alone, some of the most influential from David Bowie and Maurice White of "Earth, Wind, And Fire", to the iconic Prince have left us, leaving behind a legacy, that like with that of Giuseppe Mereu, leaves a footprint that many may choose to follow in order to continue the further evolution of not just the art of music, but also that of our own personal lives.

Tragic stories abound in regards to many artists' personal lives and their struggles; perhaps in many ways this was no different for Giuseppe Mereu. However, what is important is the level to which these people rose to by believing in something so strongly, that they were able to touch so many lives, often with one single song. People it is true, are not forever, but the language of music trancends time and space in a way that it somehow allows it to live on forever. In the hearts and minds of the many great supporters of our music all throughout the world, the same is true for Mereu's forward-thinking music that in just a short time left many speechless and spellbound. Long live his legacy!

R.I.P. Giuseppe Mereu (1981-2013)


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