Golden Dice Records Releases Last Remaining Copies of "American Splendor EP" by Imatran Voima

Never forget! One of the true legends of Electro. © Discogs

Released back in 2006 on Swedish Golden Dice Records, American Splendor EP became one of the most sought after releases by legendary Electro duo Imatran Voima. Raw, punishing Electro beats, classic vocoders, and funky; at times even playful if not mischievous melodies that became the signature sound of the iconic outfit are in full display on this classic record.

With the passing of the late Perttu Häkkinen however, the unfortunate reality is that the glory days of this fantastic and energetic duo are behind us, yet always remembering is perhaps the biggest way we can continue to pay our respects, not just to those we lost, but those who we admired. Music is timeless, and their music will certainly live on forever, and continue to influence the direction that Electro music takes moving forward.

Recently, Golden Dice Records released the very last remaining vinyl copies of the original press of American Splendor EP to German shop Save Our Sounds. These are in absolute mint condition, and are a must have in any vinyl and Electro lover's collection!

If you are interested in picking up a copy or two, please visit Save Our Sounds. Act fast, this is a small number of copies available and they will not last!

If you have a moment, watch this video of Imatran Voima performing the title track American Splendor at the Huge Bass event in Turku, Finland back in '06: