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Gravedad Cinética - Electroluminescent

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

For their twenty-ninth release, the Japanese label Anti-Gravity Device offers a fulfilling Electro EP from Gravedad Cinética, Electroluminescent. Cloaked behind the alias Gravedad Cinética, Groovycosta, who has released on Electro Club Records, Elektrodos Recordings and Ban-Kai Records, portrays an Electro universe full of mystery and possibility on this digital-only release by using light touches of classic Techno sounds incorporated with solid Electro themes.


Electric pulses collide with 808 beats, while Techno sounds surround a snare slap to form a proper mixing intro on this first track. The mind begins to place the sounds as the artist continues to build a presence of dance energy, until an intriguing synth materializes to give Electroluminescent an air of glowing mystery.

Electroluminescent (The Bandit Remix)

The Bandit stamps his electronic signature on this remix with an upbeat expression of Electro curiosity. An insistent stacking of sound leads the ear into a carefully arranged synthesizer melody that will stimulate the senses far into the future.

Electroluminescent (Vema Diodes Remix)

The Vema Diodes remix begins in an other-worldly fashion and is abruptly brought back to earth like a wayward satellite, creating an air of continued sonic dystopia throughout. Just when you think things are becoming clear, sweeps and rhythmic jabs rock the auditory sphere of influence on this last remix, making it a standout rework as of late.

Northern Lights

Not loosing any momentum after the three remixes, Electroluminescent bolts ahead into the electronic abyss with Northern Lights. Shocks of sonic stimulation sparkle in the mind like charged particles from the sun hitting the Earth’s ionosphere, fostering a reverence for the immensity of talent displayed on this release.

Noir Desire feat. Blo

Featuring the vibes of a Techno banger, Noir Desire will have a dance floor in full agreement this artist has their best dance moves in mind when he created this fifth track. By the time Blo injects the vocoder into the mix, the tune has fully blossomed into a work of Techno fusion that really highlights the artist’s intentions on this release.

More details on this release and others can be found at the Anti-Gravity Device website. AGD released a solid catalog of Electro this summer, so keep an eye out for more releases this fall.

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