Gucci Bass feat. DJ Q-bert - Mindless Machine/Bass Mod

Electro super duo Gucci Bass; composed of American veteran DJ Wreck aka Salim Rafiq (Fuel, Napzzz Music), as well as UK Drum and Bass don A-Sides (Reel 2 Reel, Eastside Records), has been on a serious winning streak lately, delivering the heat with a few EP's under their belt already that have been very warmly received all across the globe, and by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Whether it be their previous "Miami Bass Jamz Vol. 1", where the duo explores their roots in Miami Bass, or perhaps their label debut "Lunar Operations", which catapults the listener to the extreme depths of space with deep influences of artists like SEM or Anthony Rother, Gucci Bass has, through their work, presented itself thus far as an unstoppable force. Leading us to their newest and perhaps most important endeavour to date: the "Mindless Machine/Bass Mod" single featuring the legendary icon of the turntable, DJ Q-bert.

With this new single, the duo continue on their path of flavorful 808 beats and aggressive sound design and programming, landing this particular release somewhere in between their debut "Lunar Operations", and their recent "Miami Bass Jamz Vol. 1". Shrewd and in your face a bit, driven by a cybernetic aesthetic that also brings in a nice touch of old school B-boy styles, with Q-bert in all his genius to help compliment it all very nicely along the way. One of those titles that are an absolute must for your next DJ set!

Gucci Bass' "Mindless Machine/Bass Mod" featuring DJ Q-bert was first released April 2nd, 2021, directly through the Divine Audio Bandcamp page, but it officially releases to all major platforms April 30th, so make sure to grab a copy and support!

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