Gucci Bass - Lunar Operations

Updated: May 8, 2020

If you were around in the late 90's/early 2000's when the third wave of Electro began to take hold, then without question you would have heard the innovative Electro music that came from Florida-based artist Salim Rafiq, and his popular project Wreck.

Having been featured on labels such as Napzzz Music, Transient Force, or imprint of famed Miami-based duo Hydraulix Kuad Recordings for example, Wreck, or simply Salim Rafiq as we later came to know him, is an artist with a small discography, but extensive experience in the underground Electronic scene, here back again in collaboration with iconic UK Drum and Bass producer A-Sides, whom you may know from outings on from Reel to Reel, Eastside, and Strictly Hardcore to name a few.

With "Lunar Operations", the newly founded duo escapes the collapsing atmosphere of planet Earth and explores the barren, cold and desolate wasteland that is our moon. Frantic beats, acidic, intelligent, at times even malevolent productions like "Boogie Down" and "Panther", that cut through you with suspenseful synths; and on the latter, a strong lean towards the fast-paced Detroit Techno Bass influenced sound. One artist that comes to mind with that particular track is Germany's legendary and rather mysterious Sbassship.

Then, last but not least there is the real hidden gem of this EP, the alluring "Over The Bight", that I cannot fail to mention. This one caught me by surprise as the rest of the EP is a bit cold and sinister, here concluding the Lunar Operations EP on a lighter note that is like an awakening of the mind and soul, after being bathed in stellar radiation filled with mystifying light and sound. The rhythms are a good tempo, somewhere around the 130's, with a brief but absolutely epic breakdown near the end that slows everything down ever so masterfully. But it's the array of synths, drones, and swirls that create an atmosphere so complex, you feel like you can dive right in and be lost forever. A real masterpiece, my favorite!

Lunar Operations by Gucci Bass has been out through the Divine Audio Bandcamp page since late January, but will permeate to all the other major platforms like iTunes and Beatport sometime around mid-April, so stay tuned! This is undoubtedly a collaboration to continue to look for in the future, we hope for many more releases! Rush on this when it hits your favorite retailer, or grab a copy now directly from the artists themselves.


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