Hardfloor's "P.E.L.F" Featuring DBS, Egyptian Lover, Repressed In Very Limited Blue Vi

Iconic German Acid Techno duo Hardfloor has repressed their hit "Passion, Ecstacy, Lust, Fantasy"; which featured their collaboration with the mighty machine that is Dynamik Bass System, along with West Coast Electro Funk master Egyptian Lover, as a very limited run of 100 blue-colored vinyl 12" discs limited to only 2 copies per customer. The record features 3 more remixes, an un-named digital bonus, plus re-workings by DBS and Egyptian Lover in their own unique styles. Two cuts alone that alone make picking this release up worth every penny!

Expect nothing less than menacing vocoders and lyrics, classy 808 beats, haunting synths, hypnotic Acid sequences thanks to Hardfloor, all brought together with impeccable production skills. An unusual collaboration indeed, but as they say...opposites attract, and this record is a fine example of that!

Support the underground, and grab yourself a copy by purchasing below.

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