Harvest Live Electro Event

Carl Finlow/Silicon Scally, ADJ, Trichome, Mad Wax and 214 all gather for an event in Los Angeles, California as underground music collectives ELM/Pax and Series Of Tubes gather to revive Harvest; a series of events that began back in the 90's to showcase local and international talent, back again to show off some of the best talent in the Electro scene. Be there and support our growing scene all around the world!

Where: TBA

When: April 28th, 2018 9pm to 4am

Carl Finlow / Silicon Scally (live) (Lone Romantic, Electrix, CPU) Toulon, France - first US appearance in 15 years!!! ADJ - DJ (Pyramid Transmissions, Outside Recordings) London, UK 214 - DJ (Frustrated Funk, CPU, Shipwrec) Seattle, WA Trichome (live) (ELM Conceptions) Los Angeles

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