Helena Hauff Interviewed on the Latest Bass Agenda Radio Show: Listen

Helena Hauff is all the craze these days! With humble beginnings as an enthusiastic purveyor of the darker sounds of Electro and Techno, she quickly rose to notoriety over recent years to become not just the ambassador of the Electro genre to the rest of the world, but also what every mainstream magazine is dubbing her as: A Superstar DJ!

While most of us never thought an Electro DJ could achieve such a title, her passion for Techno being just as strong, brought her to the blending of the two styles, which has won the appeal of fans all around the world who have finally become receptive to the Electro sounds and the unique talent of the artists in the scene.

Recently, she was featured on the latest Bass Agenda radio show, where she talks about her beginnings, aspirations for the future, thoughts on studio techniques, and her feelings on the current state of the music. She also took part in curating the selection of tracks for the show, as well as recording an exclusive mix featuring tracks by I-F, Jensen Interceptor, Mr. Velcro Fastener, and many more. Don't miss on this one!

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