Hissarlik - Infectious E.P.

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Elektrodos Recordings returns, this time presenting you with the label debut by Hissarlik. Originally conceived as a duet, going on to remix several artists such as Psychosomatik, Vuduvox, or New Neon to name a few, Hissarlik continues onward as the solo project of Georges Loffredo, who signs 3 Electro cuts of raw power to the already infamous Spanish Electro label.

Starting off with "Infectious", the alluring melancholy here starts off a bit suspenseful, introducing warm, slightly jagged drones that cut right through you as the beats begin to gallop with a slight offbeat step that falls somewhere between a 4x4 Techno groove, and your basic Electro break rhythm. The part that really pulled me in with this one was the step sequences, split into the lower end, and a second layer with the higher frequencies, blending both so precisely as to give the song a really well rounded feel. Very complex and refined.

Continuing, "Raw" keeps up with a similar vibe, using a similar approach with the blending of two opposing sequences that really challenge the mind, and create a powerful, complex atmosphere of mysteriousness. What really stood out to me is the play of the snares, reminding me of some of the classic Electro Breaks coming out of the Florida scene in the mid 90's.

Lastly, "Tied up" finishes up with a stronger jam, this one a bit more aggressive and enigmatic. The beats here sparkle with just the right amount of reverb and snap, as intriguing vocal samples work their way in every so often. The sequence work once again is incredible, this guy really knows the key to well balanced programming, no doubt! You never get a sense of there being empty holes in his music.

Elektrodos keeps on with title after title picked and curated with care and a thorough understanding of Electro music with depth. Between the team composed of Elektrodos radio show host Lara Ramos, and counterpart Mark Oosterkamp, these two devoted Electro aficionados know exactly what to deliver to set the bar of quality Electro releases. Highly recommended release by Hissarlink, and another to add to the label's quickly growing discography. Grab it now!


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