Illektrolab - Heavy Hitter EP

Three years after the “Illahertz EP” on Shipwrec Records, Jason McCracken makes his great come back on his own Advanced Robotiks imprint.

With well named “Heavy Hitter EP”, the killer robot returns from the depths of Space to accomplish his evil domination and spread devastation on the universe. Before he lands on Earth to annihilate any resistance, from his secret base far away in the galaxy, supported by legions of hostile droids, Illektrolab fired a salvo of four lethal missiles of pure madness, ranging from deep bass, intricate acid and glitch-tinged Electro, built in his special weapon factory.

A side kicks things off with the title track, a massive surgical strike intended to create maximum damages on the dance-floor: harsh Electro beats enhanced with loud sub bass fused into dark Sci-Fi strings to please your woofers. A huge and powerful song full of mind blowing modulations to bring closer to Illektrolab’s early works on Satamile. Top notch!

Tribal “Medi Bass” coming next goes on in a completely different direction. More Drum & Bass oriented (another musical style that Illektrolab digs), the cut combines with skill congas, samples and eerie sororities while bringing mechanical rhythms to the whole. Another stormer and fresh addition to Illektrolab’s essential discography!

On the flip side, much anticipated “Frequency Patterns” takes the pace down with deep and vicious analog modulations merged into merciless drums, some lasers, robots and spaceships arrangements laying in the background! Nasty like an ED-209 droid dropped at your heels!

Final gem “Darkmatter” offers a gloomy conclusion to the EP with a narrative of melodies and counter-melodies gradually detuned, rising in pitch and taking on a futuristic trip, unleashing metallic tones inside an industrial warehouse, inter shocking Electro rhythms with millimetric precision, and multiplying Cylon vocals.

A true ravager of planets, “Heavy Hitter EP” signs a fantastic 12”, available in limited Gold/Black marbled edition and digital formats.

Rush on it if you can as almost all vinyl copies are sold out. Must have!

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