Imre Kiss & Norwell - Ad Astra

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

“Ad Astra” inaugurates the launch of Crisis; a well named imprint hailing from Hungary and run by Imre Kiss. Author of a solid discography on labels such as Lobster Theremin, Mörk, or Farbweschel, the DJ from Budapest teams up today with his compatriot Balázs Semsei aka Norwell (Mechatronica, New Flesh Records, Pinkman, Dalmatia Daniel) to sign an untouchable five tracker; halfway between experimental and pure machine funk Electro style.

Short downtempo “Tempel 1” introduces the A side with a tense and mystical drama based upon heading synth-wave melodies a la Carpenter. Punctuated by an emotional final, the song appears as a perfect overture to what could be considered as a must have EP.

The title track coming next sees Norwell printing his trademark on a bubbling tune characterized by slithering bass, analog distortions, percussive drums, intricate vocals and a noir atmosphere.

A collaboration between the two artists works wonders in particular on “Ad Astra”, and also “Motor City Dreams”; another refined eerie cut instantly following based upon Sci-Fi tones, creepy beats and mind blowing modulations. Top notch!

On the flipside, haunting “Alpha Hertz” ventures into deeper landscapes. Bleepy sequences melt with dark, yet emotive melodies, spooky touches and robotic rhythms that turn the song into a merciless Electro beast. Amazing music from amazing artists!

Last but not the least, evil “Density Waves” concludes the 12” with some cold IDM and nostalgic references. Cosmic and synth waves tones make their way through a slowed down tempo to progressively possess your soul. Fascinating!

At Electric Kingdom, you know how much we love Norwell’s sound. This musical association with Imre Kiss gives to Balázs’ register a new dimension and demonstrates how good Electro made in Hungary at the moment really is. Rush on this one when it comes out!

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