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One of the most interesting local scenes in the International Electro Bass and Funk genres is Florida. For decades it has been a pivotal force of influence that has clearly swayed with determination the direction that our history would take. With artists like Dynamix II and Maggotron at the forefront of the early Hip Hop days of Electro Funk, to the later days of futurism as everything unfolded into the Electro Bass style, finding its way into Car Sound System events, Raves and the like, the culture and overall mindset of the region seems to not just have its own inherent unique core approach, but also a relentless drive to push things into overdrive.

Where Detroit has been the careful mother, slowly molding the nascent sound into being, Florida has been the adventurous father, taking risks and pushing into unchartered territories in order to advance and proliferate the sound in ways only it could. In the midst of it all, and as one of the members of the younger generation that would rise up from it all, would be Cory Hernandez aka Inhuman Designed. Cory grew up as he says "in the 80's watching Sci-Fi movies and listening to my moms record collection", which would be the beginning of him understanding what this time period was all about: Futurism!

Over the years, as the young Florida Rave scene began to take hold, the artist would eventually begin DJ'ing with local friends as they themselves began to gravitate towards this scene. It wouldn't be long before he would begin to aspire making music as well, but as he says "It wasn't until I met Ryan Phillips aka Kounterakt of the groups Code Rising and Ohverclock, who took me under his wing and taught me how to produce music". After a couple of years, which would actually be well into the early part of the 2000's, Inhuman Designed would be born, and as Hernandez puts it "The rest they say is history".

Since the beginning, Inhuman Designed has always been of the more "activist" type of artist, making conscious music that seems to convey a message about the times we are living in, and the concern he has for it all. While his sound certainly follows on the footsteps of his predecessors like Dynamix II, Jackal N Hyde, or IBM, his sound carries a slightly more melodic element within it that is not too common in the Florida scene. Within this sentiment there is the sense of awareness that makes his music special and intuitive; there seems to be purpose to it. Cory mentions that "I wanted to make music that wasn't too friendly for the club scene and more to the underground", which certainly rings true when you take into the account the obscurity of his projects, and his overall ethos as far as the overall music goes.

While the artist has released a good number of records for the more than 5 years he has been publishing music, its in the performance arena where he feels most driven to. As he says "Ultimately my vision in the end is to play my music live and not just produce tracks in the studio. Don't get me wrong, producing in the studio is where the ideas flow and manifest into soundwaves, but to play that music you created live for an audience and not just for yourself in the studio is like nothing else".

Inhuman Designed's first release came in 2010 with the self-released "Grown For The Cyborgs", which featured remixes by JR10, Evo and Kounterakt. Since then, he has also released on several international labels, including his local, and very influential Dynamix II Records; with "The Conversion E.P.", featuring James Wolfe and Scratch-D, as well as Phonotronix on remix duties. InHuman Designed has also appeared on the classic "System Saboteurs" compilation on Access Tonal Communications, which featured a wide range of international artists like Pip Williams, Info_Cifon, and The Hidden Persuader to name a few, as well as the Mars Frequency compilation; which was a collection chuck full o' Electro goodness featuring an incredible list of names.

There would also be his classic "Ancient Evil", a punishing production with brooding synths, and mesmerizing technicality; clearly digging into the artist's darker side, with concepts of ancient aliens having once visited earth, and perhaps being the source of world conflict and control. The record included remixes by The Hidden Persuader, Ghostlight, Siak, and Freak Force Crew, and was a huge success nationally and abroad. Last but not least there was his ingenious remix of "Dimension 1", off of the Kosmo Tanssi E.P. by MicroControlUnit on Zero One Music, which was another hit in 2014, and elevated the artist to a whole new level.

As for the future, Cory says "More and more I've been getting into the Retro scene, which has reminded me in a lot of ways on the early days of the scene and its getting very popular. At its core it is very Electro with themes from the 70's and 80's Synth Pop/New Wave movement, which if you know your history was the beginning of Electro music, and I find that very interesting going back in the past for the future as it brings me back to my days of a child watching Sci-Fi movies".

Which leaves one only to wonder how this influence will affect someone's music that has clearly been on a path to being heavier, and a bit more on the industrial side of things, yet always laced with an intriguing sense of melancholy for the present and future. Cory recently finished some new projects, like the new "Grown For The Cyborgs" remix contest and subsequent album release, also recently publishing a remix for Florida Breaks pioneer Debbie D. and her classic "Supertweak", not to mention his reworking of "Pmm Pss Tah" by International iconic duo Sbles3plex on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, and their new first full-length album "Máquinas Deseantes".

Stay tuned, for as Cory says: "My music and I live in the present and one day at a time, so I will keep at it as I have been doing over the last 4 years of producing. I have a long way to go before I'm happy with my production and live rig, so until that day comes I will keep learning and finding my way through the soundwaves".


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