Interdimensional Transmissions

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Going strong for well over 20 years, Interdimensional Transmissions has been one of the true purveyors of the Detroit Electro sound. Not only being one of the few labels in the nineties that kept the music alive, but also an inspiration for innovation in the 2000's, when Electro started to make a strong comeback.

Headed by Brendan M. Gillen, and "Erika", who also compose the duo Ectomorph, the label has also featured artists like Alpha 606 and G.D. Luxxe, and was also the label to debut the infamous "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" by I-f; not to mention the popular "From Beyond" compilation series.

Kicking off what would become an illustrious discography, was Ectomorph's 1995 release "Subsonic Vibrations". Everyone knows this record, even if they don't know the record itself. Songs like "Skin" were the soundtrack to 90's Electro Bass music, and still to this day sets a standard in production that is not always equally matched.

1996 would see the publishing of Ectomorph’s first album, “Abstraction”, which was a 12” containing 8 tracks, released originally as a white label, but later released on blue vinyl, as well as black. It contained the songs “Stealth Mode”, “Bizarre”, “Mhtyhr”, “The Haunting”, and “Cease To Exist”. There were also 2 bonus loops, as well as an untitled track on the record. Jazzy basslines, funky 808 beats, accompanied by Ectomorph’s signature abstract collection of sounds, made this record a fantastic way for the duo to display that they didn’t just do good material here and there, but were capable of consistently maintaining a level of composing and production that was above the mark, and were always willing to go beyond it.

In 1997, the label would kick off its “From Beyond” Series, releasing the first 3 installments that included works by many prolific artists of the time like: Le Car, I-f, DJ Godfather, Phoenicia, Mike Paradinas, Flexitone, 4E, Will Web, Frankie Carbone, Spacelings and Bassheads, and Krok. It is important to note that one of the biggest classics in the history of our music, “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass” by I-f, was one of the songs included in the first series of these compilations, and would go on to become quite an influential tune; still to this day getting lots of play and recognition from many artists and DJ’s.

1998 would bring the 4th and final installment in the series, this time releasing the legendary Keith Tucker, with, “Vertigo Love For The G-Man Mix”, as well as a bonus loop. The record also included works by another iconic member of the Detroit family, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, with, “Freeform”, as well as songs by Synapse, and Uni. The rest of the record was mostly filled with bonus loops, all of them released as “Unknown Artist”, which might raise some curiosity as to who may have been behind these works, and if perhaps it was the label heads wanting to simply stay behind the curtain. Later in the year, a CD compilation was also released, and included all of the songs released on the series sans the bonus loops.

1999 would see the signing of G.D. Luxxe, an artist that was already on his way to becoming very sought after, and hot on the heels from his debut on the legendary Breakin’ Records. This time returning with “The 20th Door”, the artist brought you 6 new songs, plus 4 bonus beats, and marked the beginning of a great career with the label. Also in 1999, Ectomorph returned with “Destroy Your Power Centers”, one of their most well know releases, as well as a repress of their earlier “Stark E.P.” I-f’s,“The Man From Pack”, was also released this year as a CD album version, and included all of the songs previously released on the vinyl version.

Though there was a small break through the year 2000, the label returned in 2001 with two very interesting titles; one of them being Ectomorph’s “Versions”, a CD album that was essentially a remixes collection of artists like Fischerspooner, Le Car, Phoenicia, G.D. Luxxe, Tuxedomoon, His Name Is Alive, Morsel, and Luscious Jackson. The other was G.D. Luxxe’s “21st Door Remixed”, which included reworks by Patrick Pulsinger as Pulsinger Bass, Ectomorph, DMX Krew, and Adult. The record also included four bonus loops.

Between 2002 and 2003, there were various other releases like Ectomorph’s “Dada”, as well as the "IT Future 2002" compilation that included works by Detroit Grand Pubahs, G.D. Luxxe, and Ectomorph; who also remixed “Shari Vari”, perhaps the song “A Number Of Names” is best known for. The label would also see a return by G.D. Luxxe with his 2x12”/CD album, “The 21st Door”, as well as the limited 7” called “Pain”, under his "GDX" pseudonym. The label also signed artist “Perspects” this year, someone who had been making his rounds on labels like Clone, and Ersatz Audio; releasing the E.P., “The Third And Final Report".

In 2008, as with many labels, we would begin to see the label’s slowing down in releasing material, however, this would be the year when one of the Electro Bass scene’s most notorious artists would sign to the label as well: “Alpha 606”, releasing “Electronica Afro-Cubano”. This marvelous green colored 12” contained 5 brand new songs by the artist, and made for a great comeback for Alpha 606, who brought us his signature glitched-out sequences, mega-low bass drops, and deranged melodies.

Perhaps one of the most interesting tracks on the EP was “Anarchy In Cuba”, which in some ways was a rework of his classic “Anarchy In China”; previously released on Touchin’ Bass out of the UK, but introducing a whole new array of compositions and programming, while keeping parts of the other version intact. The label also released a remixes EP this year by Perspects, and included reworks by The Hacker, Franz and Shape, Kill Memory Crash, and Goudron.

2011 would bring us another collaboration between BMG and Sal P., with the single “Credit Card”. The record contained the tracks “Credit Card”, which featured Christopher Fachini on Bass, and “Eskin”, which featured Erika on synthesizers, and Torsten De Winkel on the electric sitar.

Since then, the label has been diligently working on publishing new releases, like its new "Acid Series" volumes, Modular Cowboy's self-entitled 12", as well as one of the most recent by Ectomorph called "Stalker".

Stay tuned for more from this fabulous, unique, and highly influential imprint as more releases are planned in the future.


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