Japanese Start-up PikoPiko Factory Reveals the Prophet-Mini Synthesizer

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Prophet-Mini synthesizer © PikoPiko Factory

Japanese instrument start-up company "PikoPiko Factory", has recently unveiled what may be perhaps one of the most curious synthesizers we could think of via their Twitter page. Dubbed the "Prophet-Mini", this downsized version of the mighty Prophet-5 boasts 4-voice polyphony, 37 keys, MIDI, built-in speakers, optional battery power, and there is even discussion about potentially having a shoulder strap, so the Prophet-Mini can be played as a keytar.

Though the company states the Prophet-Mini will be displayed at the Tokyo Maker Faire on October 3rd, as of yet it is merely a prototype, with no mention on the company's Twitter page if there are at least any plans for a Kickstarter project, or even if it will be fully analogue, digital, or a hybrid. However, we really do hope of the many clones, new issues, and even re-issues we are seeing, that this one becomes a fully marketed product as well. We believe it would probably do so well in fact, it could actually surpass the MicroKorg as the supposed highest selling synth. It's been shown if anything, that people appreciate big things in small sizes, and what more could you ask for than a miniature Prophet synthesizer?

Below you will find more pictures of the adorable Prophet-Mini: