Jean-Michel Jarre Releases Equinoxe Sequel on 40 Year Anniversary

Jarre getting ready for "The Green Concert" © Jean-Michel Jarre official

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, hot on the heels of various album releases and mind-blowing collaborations with artists such as Vince Clarke, Pet Shop Boys, and Cindy Lauper to name a few, has released the sequel to his monumental 1978 album "Equinoxe", 40 years to the date last 16th of November, 2018.

With "Equinoxe Infinity", Jarre states on his website that: "I started for the first time with the album cover not the music. I still think that Michael Granger who did the original Equinoxe cover created one of the best album covers of all time. For the original it was all about the Watchers. These strange creatures watching us? Watching Space? Watching machines? Watching a natural phenomenon? We don’t really know…they are not scary, but odd and mysterious. So I took the original Watchmen of the Equinoxe cover to continue the story".

Having released the captivating Oxygene 3 just a couple years ago, building on the legacy of the album that propelled him to international fame, "Oxygene", surely this new release will continue to set the bar higher as this influential and historic artist continues to carve a path forward that many can be inspired to follow.

Equinoxe Infinity was released on CD, Vinyl, and digital formats.

Watch below as Jean-Michel Jarre himself explains the making of this new album: