Jeremiah Shaw

Jeremiah Shaw, formerly known as Torq and currently working on material as his "Spacedrifter" pseudonym, is a Detroit-born Techno and Electro Bass producer. Releasing on labels like Napalm Enema and Militant Science, Jeremiah Shaw has published a small number of quality releases, including one album that can only be described as a night time ride through the streets of “Tha D”, where the ambience of the place takes over your perception, and the sounds of Shaw’s music reminisce through the history of this enigmatic city.

Jeremiah Shaw was first discovered in 2008 by the Antizero crew, an Electro collective with members based both in Europe, and the US; and with a release on the infamous Solar One Music. Shaw’s first actual release was a split EP with Scrase on Militant Science Records, which featured a single track from each artist. Releasing under his former alias, “Torq”, Shaw delivered an old school Techno Bass jam, showing strong influences of the early days of the “Second Generation Of Techno”, with seductive stabs, and vibrant spaced out arpeggios; giving it that infamous Detroit sound.

Torq would follow up with another EP, once again on Militant Science, featuring a remix by Headnoaks of the track “Change Ups”, as well an original works by Shaw called “Ride The Waves”. This majestic beauty was a great step forward in Shaw’s career, and displayed perfectly his musical genius, with crisp and punchy beats, mystifying arpeggios, and jazzy piano stabs.

In November of 2009, Jeremiah Shaw went on to sign to the popular Canadian imprint, Napal Enema Records, releasing a full length album as “Torq”, that featured an eclectic mix of styles by Shaw, as well as a remix by Headnoaks. 8 superb songs, carrying a very nostalgic Detroit atmosphere, but also expanding its horizons as it embraced a more experimental attitude.

In April of 2011, Jeremiah Shaw returned, leaving behind the Torq pseudonym, with a new EP on Militant Science Records, full of classic arpeggios, punchy beats, but also introducing a collection of deranged loops and sequences that make it hard to keep up, as they race their way in and out of these wonderful productions. Also in April, Shaw remixed two songs by Paul Blackford, on MSI 029, which included “Plasma Energy”, and “Hydro Glyde”; making this the last appearance for Jeremiah Shaw thus so far this year.

After a couple of releases in 2012, most notably perhaps "Aztlán Atmosphere" as Jeremiah Shaw on Aztlán Records out of Mexico, the artist continues busy in the studio, working on new material, and doing a number of DJ performances around the Detroit area as Spacedrifter. Stay tuned for more to come!


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