Junq - Altered State EP

Junq returns to Anil Lal's Furthur Electronix imprint with the follow up to his debut and popular “Lila Dreams EP” published in 2017.

Mind blowing "Altered State EP" offers an exciting three tracker, in which the UK don draws his influences from the Warp catalog and the UK hardcore Rave sound of the early 90’s. With its inspired EBM style, very typical from the “Artificial Intelligence” infamous compilation series back in 91 on Warp, magical “Altered States”, opens A Side with an irresistible Ravey Breakbeat anthem. Able to fit in either an Electro or Techno set, the track instantly reminds of the glorious days when Altern 8, 808 State and all those fantastic bands from the 90’s were ruling the musical world. Hot as Hell!

Amazing “Daylight Never Came”, on the reverse, presents a slow yet experimental song made of ace bubbling 303 sequences, sinister layers and a gloomy atmosphere throughout! As if untouchable Mike “Kosmik Kommando” Dred was under a Prozac treatment. Never a title had stuck to such an intricate track like this!

Last cut “Lysergic” introduces some untouchable acid modulations before a Hip Hop/Breakbeat rhythm takes everything in his path. Tense, oppressive, and infectious at the same time, the track progressively turns evil as the 303 volutes combine to a dark and hypnotic synthesizer that comes from the background.

If you like acid Electro with haunting melodies and Ravey roots, do not search anymore as this new abrasive EP from Junq is exactly what you’ll need!!

Please note also that Junq will release on Saturday the 16th of February, the third outing of his own label Art Mechanical. COG003 is a collection of four hard to get classics from Junq, including mind-blowing “From Below” published in 2008 on Cultivated Electronics, "Stealth Shadows" out in 2002 on Wandering Soul (WAND001), along with "Closer" and "Lila Dreams", two cuts taken from Junq's first outing on Furthur Electronix FE002. Don’t miss it!

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