Junq - Just Get On With It

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Junq (Art Mechanical, Wandering Soul) switches to higher speed over the last few months with releases on Furthur Electronix, Art Mechanical, his own label with forthcoming COG002 (review to come soon) and the brand new Revoke. Succeeding to Derek Carr, JS Zeilter, u-Ziq, DMX Krew, and Ellery Cowles, the London based artist serves up today three untouchable cuts on Anil Lal and Ben Leigh’s imprint. Ranging from Breaks to Acid, passing through Electro, Junq’s EP fits perfectly to a label launched in 2017 to promote quality unreleased music with roots from the 90’s.

A side kicks off with the title track, a bubbling and carefully written complaint of no less than eight minutes characterized by volutes of 303 lines over a slowed down rhythm. Hi-hats and claps appear by the middle of the cut progressively offering to the song a deeper tone. Ideal to start an acidic set!

On the flip, “Michelangelo”, my favorite, signs an inspired Detroit vs Leeds gem based upon groovy Breakbeat rhythms, irresistible synth melodies, and retro sororities. To bring closer to the style of French wizard Voiron if you see what I mean!

Last but not the least, “X-Ray Experiments” serves up a milestone of an emotional track built around bleepy tones a la Warp, over a haunting melody. An old school Breaks tempo leads the listener in a despaired search of light through the meanders of a dark city from where nobody escapes. Ace!

Supported by this specific funky 303 line that sticks to Junq’s musical universe, Revoke 06, limited to 300 pressings, should encounter the same success as the British artist's latest release on Furthur Electronix. The EP was sold out two hours after being available for preorder. Rush on it!

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