Kalson Drops "Solarni Sistem" Vinyl EP, Shares Video

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Kalson, the enigmatic Serbian composer and producer who once stunned the Electro world with the release of the song "Waiting In The Valley" (off the Global Surveyor 3 compilation) back in 2009, not to mention his stellar collaboration with German legend Dagobert and the "Astronauten" vinyl EP which followed two years later, returns after having remained somewhat quiet over the past decade - with only a flurry of single releases on labels such as Crobot Muzik, as well as Elektroliza and the timeless "Electro City Ljubljana" compilation back in 2018 - with a very special release in collaboration with Serbian comrades, Direct Control, and H!.

Published via iconic German label Dominance Electricity, Kalson signs with "Solarni Sistem", an opus that displays just how over the years this profoundly talented artist has refined and honed his sound down to an absolute science.

Expect Kalson's signature Electro beats; punchy and full of thick warmth, while the sonic aesthetics that weave together create a mesmerizing aura of pure cosmic bliss, as his melodically intriguing style merges with Direct Control and H!'s own, to create a very unique and musically rich listening experience. A very cinematic release overall, and something that the official video for the title track conveys perfectly in its majestic imagery of the space all around us.

Kalson - Solarni Sistem (2021) | Dominance Electricity

"Solarni Sistem" by Kalson is out now. Vinyl can be purchased via the Save Our Sounds shop, and digital formats wherever you buy music. This record is an absolute must have for your vinyl collection...as with any Dominance Electricity release of course! Go get it.