Kid Ginseng Remasters Selection of Songs From Kraftjerkz Back Catalog: Listen

No face! ;) © Michael Vidoli

Kraftjerkz head honcho Kid Ginseng is a busy man! Whether it's concocting the latest megamixes in-studio, working on new solo and collaborative material, or busy compiling the next Kraftjerkz label release, the man eats, sleeps, and breathes Electro music through and through.

Recently, he took to social media to announce the reissue of a few songs from the Kraftjerkz back catalog, newly remastered and ready for your next DJ gig or cruise around town.

Selecting titles from the "Aviators" compilation (2011), and his split EP with Entro Senestre and MANASYt (2010), these classic Electro tunes show the forward-thinking B-boy style of the artist, filled with raw sound manipulations, and relentless broken beats. Added to the mix is a bonus cut called "Arabian Scratch", which shows Kid Ginseng's unforgiving turntablist side.

You can find these carefully selected tunes on the Kraftjerkz Bandcamp.

Listen below: