Kilig - Cry EP

Almost 10 months after their previous gem of a release by T Flex; the obscure, mystifying electronic joyride a la Aphex Twin entitled "Mimic EP", Null+Void Recordings' next release by Kilig is gonna be another one for the bag that you will not want to miss!

"Cry EP" by Kilig, a digital offering with 4 enigmatic Electro cuts, kicks things off with the title track, luring you in with a dreamy introduction, punctuated by soft pads, and synths that lift the spirit as it suddenly drops you into the bass laden rhythms and drones that will penetrate your neural network to get you warmed up and ready for what's to come.

With "All I See Is Blue", the artist continues the organic Electro rhythms, reminiscent of old school jams like Boogie Down Bronx, but injecting it with the wonderful aura of mystique that is clearly his signature style. The adornment of delicate, thoughtful synths that roll along with the beat ever so gently as the drones interweave and make their way into the song and unto the sudden breaks that seem to dissipate the spell for just a moment.

Moving along, "A Book Won't Save You" gets a bit bumpier, a bit more acidic, leaving you weightless in this space that fills with spellbinding synth layers, met by playful, quirky sequencing that weaves together like a swarm of bees that work in tandem with the rather thumpy beats you'll find here.

Lastly, the EP is concluded by "Lost To The Void", which starts off a bit sinister, pulsing with droning synths and clockwork sequences that sound like a locomotive starting to move down the tracks. When the crisp and clear beats drop, the space clears a bit letting the rhythms shine on their own for a moment, just before the desolate melodic bits seem to coax you closer and closer into its core. Great tune for those late night DJ sets!

Kilig's "Cry EP" is out now on Null+Void Recordings, and is an absolute must have! Having gotten the proper mastering treatment from legendary Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man, this fine digital release will not disappoint in any way. Absolutely impeccable production and compositions all around!

Looking forward to more titles to come from this slightly mysterious, but highly talented artist. Grab this now direct from the label's Bandcamp!


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