Kima, Verbo & Vema Diodes - Viatge d´unió

A collaboration between Vema-Diodes (Fundamental Records, Urban Connections), Kima and Verbo; 3 strong up and coming artists from Spain that with "Viatge d´unió", will take you on a journey deep into the Electro space, launching away with tightly sequenced rocketry, and mystifying synth work that will catapult you straight into another version of space and time.

Driven by drums that are robotic and menacing, but still crisp and warm at the same time, they push the song forward as you fall upon the vast atmospheres of the pads and subtle, yet complex melodic synth layers that invite you to listen closer as they begin to slowly hypnotize you.

The deeper you are pulled into this place however, the more you realize how much it strips away the reality you once knew. A cloud of droning synths, creepy vocal appearances, and perplexing sequencing that give the tune a dark edge, saturates your mind, and drives you deeper in thought while connecting you to the being within. Amazing tune to say the least! ;)

You can find this release now on the Diodes Bandcamp page. Highly recommended!


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