Kino-Moderno Releases "Into The Future EP" on New Label SAISEI

Updated: Apr 7

Kino-Moderno © Discogs

If you were lucky enough to be alive and out participating in the grand social experiment that was the old school Rave scene back in the early to late 90's, then without question you remember the exciting and alluring energy that permeated warehouses and underground clubs during those days, as the magical vibes of this otherworldly music took over our minds, bodies and souls, spreading like a wildfire throughout the globe.

One of the more obscure yet exciting acts to come out of the early part of that era, was Japanese electronic duo Kino-Moderno, consisting of Dat Planet and Wah Wah Fuzzmaster, who became primarily known for their release "Sync You", which was also subsequently remixed and even released as a couple of warmly welcomed singles on labels such as Scien Records and "Play Dis, Ask Kodansha".

Having remained in close contact with electronic music over the past few decades, and even having some of their tunes released on a couple compilations since - though also not putting out any new material - Kino-Moderno has been marking a return to the Techno and Electro scenes lately, starting with last year's deluxe remastered edition re-issue of "Sync You", which featured remixes by British icon Frankie Valentine, and Simon Lovejoy. Bringing us to the most recent announcement of the launching of a new imprint by Japanese electronic veteran Junki Inoue, which will see the awaited release of the "Into The Future EP" by Kino-Moderno, featuring 4 tunes taken from their timeless 90's EP "Sync You", remastered and re-edited.

Kino-Moderno's "Into The Future EP" officially releases April 4th, 2021 on vinyl, and can be already be pre-ordered via the Off The Grid Records' website. Electro heads would be really pleased by the tracks "Into The Future", and "The Globe", so be on the lookout for this release on wax when it comes out!

Listen to a preview of "Into The Future EP" by Kino-Moderno: