Korg Announces "Nu:Tekt" DIY Line of Synthesizers, Debuts With NTS-1

Korg NTS-1, first of its kind! © Korg Inc.

Korg is at it again folks! Always focused on furthering the world of synthesizers in innovative ways that give power to the people, Korg has announced a new brand of Do It Yourself synthesizers that in a sense evolves on two very successful endeavours from the company: the Monotron series and the Little Bits modular synth kit.

Debuting with the NTS-1, Korg brings us what is essentially a hugely upgraded Monotron synthesizer that you can put together yourself. No soldering or experience needed, just a desire to learn and play!

Featuring a single digital oscillator, this powerful Monosynth packs the punch of the Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD's MULTI engine, allowing customized oscillators to be loaded in while also boasting the obvious Saw, Square, and Triangle, even VPM. It also features a multi-mode filter (2/4-pole, lowpass, highpass, bandpass), passing the signal through 3 on-board stereo effect units derived from the Minilogue XD, providing different kinds of reverbs, delays and modulation effects like Ensemble and Chorus.

The arpeggiator on the Korg NTS-1 is also very versatile, and even though it only has one envelope, it has, get this...3 LFO's! The ribbon controller takes care of some deeper menu dive options, and connectivity wise you can control the NTS via MIDI or the Volca type sync I/O. It's also powered via USB, which is also used for loading SDK content. Audio In is also featured, and while Korg doesn't specifically state this, it can be assumed an external signal can not only be feed through the filters and such, but the NTS-1 can also potentially be used as an effects box.

For a pocket-sized synthesizer, the Nu:Tekt NTS-1 is truly a ridiculously powerful machine, especially considering the compatibility with Korg's logue-SDK. It gets even more intriguing considering this is the first of what we hope will be many more. So stay tuned, knowing Korg, things are only going to get more exciting and interesting as this new line is rolled out over time.

The NTS-1 is expected to ship November 2019. Many stores already have pre-orders available.

Watch the video below, and see how the NTS-1 goes together piece by piece: