Korg to Reissue Iconic MS-20 in Full Size, 4 Color Variations

The white one is especially beautiful, don't you think? ;) © Korg

As NAMM 2020 kicks off today, the best manufacturers from around the world are unveiling their latest and greatest new releases, not the least of them powerhouse synth manufacturer Korg, who ahead of the show teased already a few rather unexpected treats it will be marketing this year, including a twist on its unique Wavestation synthesizer from the 90's, an unbelievably faithful recreation of the legendary ARP 2600, and now what many had been hoping for: a full size, fully assembled reissue of perhaps its most revered synth yet: the MS-20.

Having had great success with a few variations of the iconic synthesizer, from a miniature recreation, to a full-sized buildable kit, to even the quirky, fun family project that was the littleBits MS-20 kit, many fans around the world still hoped for a full-sized, already complete version of the synth. And in truth, it is long overdue, and right on time as Behringer has been on quite the streak over the last fews years, unleashing clone after clone including that of an MS-20 (as a desktop version), to some extent even getting ahead of Korg in terms of pushing the envelope a bit, like when it announced its game changer, the Neutron. But seems that now that's about to change...big time! Korg isn't gonna sit back and let anyone get ahead of this game. No sir!

How very Soviet of you Korg! © Korg

A truly revolutionary instrument at the time of its release in 1978, helping to influence with its sonic fury, the furthering of Electronic Music and even Rock music itself, with everyone from Depeche Mode to Skinny Puppy, to the Legendary Pink Dots standing fully behind the screaming power of this little wonder, who is back once again in all its glory; especially with that incredible filter that bites and growls like a ferocious beast. The patch section has even gone back to the original 1/4" size cables, so do keep that in mind. USB and 5-pin MIDI-In have also been added for modern interconnectivity, which was a must, and 4 cables for patching are included in the package, so you Eurorack heads chill out! No need to buy new cables.

This is one we must say we anxiously await for, so stay tuned for more news. No info yet on pricing or release date, but this should make it to stores sometime later this year.

Please watch the video below, as the boys from Perfect Circuit Audio take you through some of the great features of the original MS-20 and that of the Mini: