Krypton 81 - Occultism

Krypton 81, you may remember their incredible debut on mighty German imprint Subsonic Device some time ago, back again here on Spanish Elektrodos Recordings with "Occultism". A sonic joyride that will stimulate you from head to toe with mystifying electronic melodies and Electro beats gallore. Let's begin!

Starting off, we begin with "Paramagnetic", somewhere around 124 BPMs, and driven by a warm, analog arpeggio that is as much retro as it is futuristic. Modulating stabs enter and add a bit of playfulness in a kind of mysterious, melancholic sorta way. Great intro!

Next up, "Ectoplasm" delivers the Bass, and switches things up as this dark and sinister tune seems determined to get the dancefloors hopping. Dark synth flights meet precise programming that gleams and adds detail in the way I personally love...Electro music at its best.

Continuing on, "Metaphysic" deals itself in with a beautiful intro, brooding and so classic, and captivating you as you find yourself deep in a space that seems familiar, yet somehow uninviting as the crushing bass tones begin to escalate the sonic attack you'll soon discover. Mean 808's abound folks, beware!

Moving along, "Shadowman", a sumptous classic shining from every corner enters with a marvel composition, aggressive in some ways, yet brooding and melancholic in a slightly sinister fashion. A complex assortment of step sequences, arpeggios, and fancy synth flights and stabs pull you into a fantastic journey all of its own. A tune to play over and over again!

"Silver Ghost", the next tune we find here, is a mesmerizing song with gentle modulating melodies and tough 808 beats with a slight B-boy flare. The sequencing in this song alone is just perfect, warm, and with rich textures. Retro analog synthesizers pitch bend just right and remind me a bit of works by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre. In fact, at least in my opinion, this song has Jarre's influence all over it, and if you haven't heard his newest, Oxygene 3, then do so and then you'll know what I mean.

As we inch closer to the end, we find "Telekinesis", a ferocious tune with sawtooth basstones that growl in your face, as a cleverly programmed arpeggio adds a delicate character to the mix, while slightly deranged synth stabs lead the way with a dark, yet inspiring melody. Great song!

Lastly, "Nostromo", a wicked tune with what seems like out of step sequencing colliding with each other, creates an uncanny, unfriendly vibe that gets kicked into high gear by relentless Electro beats. Spooky synths invite you into this haunted mansion as the gritty basses fill the space between with determination. Lovely and scary at the same time.

Elektrodos Recordings continues to grow as an imprint to look for, clearly guided by a keen understanding of our music, and with a vision to be as eclectic as they are purist in keeping this sound we call Electro alive. Krypton 81, between their releases on Nodezero, Subsonic Device, and now Spanish imprint Elektrodos Recordings, clearly showcase why this Danish duo is on the rise and with a very bright future ahead. A must have!


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