Kuldaboli - Milljón ára en held mér ungum

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Ok, all you Electro aficionados, here’s a bomb of a record: Iceland's Kuldaboli delivers another high quality EP, loaded with 4 tracks of the finest and coldest robot Techno Funk. Its title translates to: "Million years old, but keeping myself young", and he told me that it deals with the idea of people being "old souls" in general. A perfect release to mark the physical starting point of Bunker Records' new imprint Darknet. At least in catalogue numbers, as Sansibar's fantastic double 12”, on the same label, was available earlier.

Just as the Sansibar album, Kuldaboli's EP puts the Darknet quality bar real high and is loaded with catchy synth lines, filter drenched bass, robotic vocoders, haunted lead lines, atmospheric pads and sounds that remind yours truly of early Michel Amato or some Gerald Donald classics.

The beats are all straight 4/4 throughout all tracks, no broken beats here. While Vokuskoli (A1) and Milljon Ara (B1) are the main tracks here, and around 133 bpm, the other two rock just as well even though at a slower pace. The finishing track is actually something of an atmospheric Techno tune, and adds a nice extra flavour to this selection.

The tracks alone make it a must-have, but taking into consideration that cult label Bunker is starting a new sublabel here, even collaborating with Freitanzplatten (as FTP’s Bandcamp says), it’s deemed to become a very sought after 12”, perhaps a future classic.


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