Larry McCormick Announces 3rd Exzakt Album EvolveD, Launches Campaign

Exzakt, long-time project of infamous Larry McCormick; an artist with a plethora of releases under many of your favorite labels like Satamile, and Debonaire, not to mention his own Monotone Music, has been making a subtle but strong return to the Electro scene since 2017 after a brief hiatus from making tunes under the alias. Releasing a few new originals recently, like on the Crobot vs. Cancer compilation, or his split EP with The Dexorcist on Fdb Recordings' Bass Academy series, McCormick has also announced what will soon become the 3rd Exzakt album; this one titled "EvolveD". Another very interesting release that was announced was "The Electrology". A 12" vinyl release that you can help decide which tracks from Exzakt's lengthy career will be part of this instant classic record.

Taking to social media last week, Larry McCormick shared the main promotional video for his campaign, asking for your involvement and support as a fan of Exzakt in helping to make this project a reality, while also truly giving you an opportunity in deciding the outcome of the project as a whole in many ways. It has to be said that all together, this is quite a monolithic collection, and with various options and rewards that are an absolute must have.

As far as the EvolveD album, it will consist of 2x12" colored LP's, as well as a CD version, and will be created at the multimillion dollar facility Power Station Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This will be the first Exzakt album, and a rare one in the modern Electro scene, to be fully composed and produced in a studio of this scale. For this album, McCormick explains on his website that this will be: "a call back to his roots, produced entirely on hardware. Exzakt will be back to his purest creative process, but this time with the skills, technique, and knowledge he has honed over the past 20 years".

The other part of this project will be "The Electrology" USB and vinyl release series, which in drive format consist of three versions: Selected Works, which will include every track ever recorded by Exzakt, including remixes by and for the artist. Complete Works includes all of the above, but will also give you all of his works under aliases like Resident Alien and Metaminds; all together encompassing a career that goes all the way back to 1998. Lastly, there is Ultimate Works, which gives you everything mentioned so far, but also includes early demos, digitized early mixtapes, and a sample sound library to many of your favorite Exzakt tracks. Depending on the level of financial support, many backers will also get a chance to help put together the vinyl version of The Electrology, voting from a collection of tracks that have never been on vinyl before. All together the disc will consist of 4 tracks.

The outcome of this project as can be expected will be quite influential and will raise the bar even higher than before. Exzakt has been one of the single most influential artists of modern Electro music, in many ways the pioneer of the 3rd wave of the sound, and helping to once reunite a splintered scene that found a new means of connection via the internet and the legendary portal Electro Alliance, found by Larry McCormick. With a career that spans so many different phases of evolution of Electro, Exzakt's music has undoubtedly evolved over the years, but it can also be argued that it has never lost sense of its roots. Not every prolific artist in the music industry can say that, and with this new endeavor, Larry McCormick aka Exzakt wants to show you just how deep his devotion for Electro music really is, bringing you a chance to be part of something that will inevitably become the most important part of the artist's nearly 20 year career.

Help support and make this project a reality, and if you have a few minutes, here's Larry McCormick himself in the introductory video to the Campaign. Please watch:

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